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Prof. Fernanda Tovar-Moll, MD, PhD

Brain Connectivity Unit

D'Or Institute for Research and Education and

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro



DTI deterministic tractography shows anomalous interhemispheric connections via posterior (PC) and anterior (AC) commissures in CD. (A and B) DTI-tractography on T1 sagittal/parasagittal plane (Left), and on coronal or sagittal color-coded FA maps (Right), showing the interhemispheric midbrain bundle (A) and the interhemispheric ventral forebrain bundle (B) in yellow.

Fig. 2

Fig. 2

rs-fMRI shows functional connectivity between the left and right parietal cortex in CD. DMN rs-fMRI statistical maps in CD (A) and control (B) groups. (C) Surface view of bilateral parietal DMN ROIs obtained from pooled data from both groups. (D–F) Views of the same DMN ROIs, overlapped with BA39 [outlined in yellow; based on Brodmann template, MRIcron V.6 (]. Colors in A and B are arbitrary. Red and blue in C–F denote left and right hemisphe

Fig. 3

Fig. 3

DTI and HARDI probabilistic tractography reveal anomalous interhemispheric connections via posterior and anterior commissures. (A–D) DTI analysis. Aberrant midbrain (A and B) and ventral forebrain (C) bundles reconstructed from CD individuals, crossing through the posterior (PC) and the anterior (AC) commissures. Seed ROIs positioned at the posterior parietal cortex as defined by rs-fMRI. (D) Control individual with similarly defined ROIs, showing the expected structural interhemispheric connect

New connection beteween both sides of the brain


A recent study "Structural and functional brain rewiring clarifies preserved inter-hemisphere transfer in humans born without the corpus callosum" published on PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) has used neuroimaging techniques to find out anomalous brain routes in patients who had borned without the corpus callosum, a brain structure responsible for communication between both sides of the brain. 


See below the worlwide publicity of this research:


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