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Prof. Fernanda Tovar-Moll, MD, PhD

Brain Connectivity Unit

D'Or Institute for Research and Education and

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


Professor Tovar-Moll promotes translational research leading several studies conducted in both healthy volunteers, patients and animal models. Several of these studies run in collaboration with researchers from different institutions. To know more about them, see Collaborators.

Human Brain Studies

Neuromodulation and brain connectivity

The main goal of this topic is to investigate brain changes induced by neuromodulation in healthy volunteers, amputees and some neurological diseases, such as stroke.

Here we are applying fMRI neurofeedback training and other neuromodulatory techniques, such as TDCS.

Imaging Brain Plasticity

Here, we employ MRI techniques (and clinical and neurophysiological correlations) to investigate brain plasticity in patients with neurodevelopmental diseases.

Neurobiology and imaging investigation of neuropsychiatric disorders and aging 

In this research line we investigate brain changes associate with aging, Alzheimer disease and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

 Animal Models' Studies

Brain Plasticity 

Using animal models for neurodevelopmental diseases, amputees and psychiatric disorders, here we investigate the brain "disconnectome" applying MR imaging and histological techniques. 

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