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IBRO 2015 9th Wolrd Congress

For the first time, the meeting will take place in a Latin American country. IBRO will occur during From July 7 to 11, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For registration, click here


International Symposium on Science for Education


Sattelite event of the IBRO 2015 congress in Rio de Janeiro which will occur from 5-6  July. Official website here.


New treatment for Parkinson's in Mice
Click here to check the new study in collaboration with Prof. Tovar-Moll that suggests a safe and efficient strategy to treat Parkinson's in mice.



Alternative connections in split brains

Click here to check the worldwide publicity of Prof. Tovar-Moll's most recent paper about new brain pathways in patients without corpus callosum.

Relation between Zika Virus and brain lesions (in Portuguese)
Click here to check what Prof. Tovar-Moll has been talking about the relation between Zika Virus infection and brain lesions in adults.
OHBM Meeting - June 26th-30th | Geneva, Switzerland

The OHBM Annual Meeting will be held in Geneva, Switzerland in June26th-30th. Click here to access the oficial website.

II  FALAN Congress

The Second FALAN Congress will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between October17th and 20th. More information here.

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